All-new tablet-to-gel skincare

30mg of pure performance.

Formulated only with ingredients you can trust. Engineered to deliver peak potency when activated at time of use. Pre-dosed to provide only what's needed when needed. Built to last without extras with a self-preserving system. Lightweight by design to reduce carbon footprint.

More efficacy with every bit.

New to Beauty, not new born: our tech has a long track record, so you don't have to take a leap of faith. Lyophilization, aka. Freeze-drying, is the force behind Megadose advanced performances. This method has been used for decades by the outer-space and pharmaceutical industry to create vaccines, preserve perishable materials, extend their shelf life and optimize transport.

Shelf Life*
+6 yrs
GHG Emissions*
*Compared to traditionally bottled products

Pre-Freezing. Water is converted to ice, changing the product phase from liquid to solid.

Pressure 1000 mbar
Temperature -60 ˚C

Sublimation Phase. Removing ice by transforming it into vapor without passing through a liquid phase.

Pressure 1 mbar
Temperature +5 ˚C

Secondary Drying. Eliminating final traces of water by bringing the product to room temperature.

Pressure 0.03 mbar
Temperature +20 ˚C

Made in France by a Pharma Manufacturer — not white or private label cosmetics.

Location: Southern France

Our partner in France has been manufacturing lyophilized formats for the Pharmaceutical industry since 1984.

Founded Year 1984
Main Industry Pharma
  • GMP
  • EMP
  • ICH 7QA
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001:2015