Beauty is a dirty business. Our mission is to clean it up.

And we started with the format

Cutting-edge efficacy meets remarkable sustainability.


Apples to Apples

Our Tablets
64 Tablets Weight ~1.4 g
Residual Moisture 10%
Water Shipped 0.14 ml
Ingredient Count <10
Generic Serum
Serum Weight 30 mg
Water Content 70-90%
Water Shipped 24 ml
Ingredient Count 30+
Future Proofed
High Tech Low Impact.

When it comes to sustainability, packaging is often first in mind. Sure, it's an important part — but not the only one. In fact, we'd argue that it's not even the most important one. We believe sustainability has to be approached as a whole rather than disconnected pieces. By re-imagining our product eco-system, we had to step away from established processes — which allowed us to overcome many of today's challenges in ways traditional products can't.

In 2023:
Carbon, Plastic and Water Neutral
2024 Promise

Certified B Corporation, 1% For the Planet and Climate Neutral Certified.

Cutting-edge efficacy meets sustainability.

New Standards. Here is how our 360˚ approach to sustainability levels up to traditional products. These are great, but we continuously work to improve them.

Raw Materials -80%
Product Weight -95%
Raw Materials -75%
Single-Use Plastic -0%
Water Usage -63%
Energy Use -65%
Shipped Weight -80%
GHG Emissions -80%
Added Weight + 0.024 g
Total Weight 0.024 g

Ultra Lightweight. By removing water, we reduce product weight along with raw materials, packaging, and extend shelf-life so you can enjoy your products longer, without extra waste.

Added Weight + 0.22 g
Total Weight 0.244 g

Monodosed. Each tablet is designed to deliver the perfect amount of active ingredients each application. Only open what you need and come back to the rest later, still as fresh as day one.

Added Weight + 1.708 g
Total Weight 1.952 g

Safe & Sealed. Our Aluminum blisters offers the best UV and moisture protection of all materials while being indefinitely 100% recyclable.

Added Weight + 9.02 g
Total Weight 11 g

Travel Ready. Forget about travel size jar prep and bag spill surprises. Just grab the doses you need and fit in anywhere — whether it's for a trip to the gym or to Paris.